Hello IMVU lovers!!! ♥ 

3Hello everybody, first and foremost I’d like to welcome my fellow IMVU lovers to my blog…

There are thousands of people on IMVU and we are all looking for something once we sign into the client , whether it’s just to make friends , find love online , enjoy creating products for the community,play Walk Off  or just sit in the chatroom for hours without saying a word , we all still gradually become a part of the vast community and find ourselves frequently checking our favorite creators’ profiles in hopes of finding new products or waiting for the next Friday in hopes of winning the next weekly outfit challenge.

Whatever the quality you most enjoy about IMVU may be,my goal is to provide you with the posts and news you desire and enjoy to see . I truly hope that with your support I will be able to create something that you will be interested in enough to become a recurrent guest of this blog .

I belive it’s enough for this little introduction of mine , frankly I don’t even know how many people will manage to see this but if you are reading this right now thank you for taking your time to visit and remember:

“From small beginnings come great things”

Until the next post  ♥ xoxo


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